What is Residence permit in Turkey

Residence permit (ikamet izni) in Turkey

Residence permit (ikamet izni) in Turkey

Foreigners who would stay in Turkey more than the duration of a visa or a visa exemption or, (in any case) longer than ninety days should obtain a Residence permit (ikamet izni). Work permit issued by authorithed organization is considered as a Residence permit and doesn’t require to apply for Ikamet tezkeresi separately.  The residence permit will be invalid if not used  within six months.


There are exemptions from the Residence permit in a case of valid visa or visa exemption for a stay up to 90 days, holding a diplomatic passports, Mavi kart ownership etc.

Foreigners can apply for Residence permit both in their country of citizenship (or legal stay) or in Turkey.

For obtaining a Residence permit in the country of citizenship or legal stay foreigner should apply for it at the Turkish consulate with all required documents, information and passport valid at least 60 days beyond the duration of the requested residence permit. Assessment of application should held no more than 90 days and in a case of refusal, the applicant should be notified.

Foreigner can apply for Residence permit inside of Turkey at the folowing conditions:

– according to the decision of judisial or administrative authorities;

– if it is not reasonable or possible to leave Turkey;

– for long-term Residence permit;

– for student residence permits;

– for residence permits on humanitarian grounds;

– for residence permits for victims of human trafficking;

– while changing from a family residence permit to a short-term residence permit;

– by either parent, holding a residence permit in Turkey, for their children born in Turkey;

– for a residence permit which conforms to the new reason of stay, in cases where the reason for which the valid residence permit was issued no longer apply or has changed;

– for residence permit applications lodged within the scope of paragraph above (foreigners categories which don’t require Residence permit);

– when foreign students who have completed higher education in Turkey transfer to a short-term residence permit.


Resident permit types

According to the new Law on Foreigners and International protection (Yabancılar ve Uluslararası koruma kanunu) there are next types of residence permits:

  1. Short-term Residence permit( for tourists, internship, scientific research, establish business, study at Turkish language courses, some exchange programs, real estate owners, transfer from Family Residence permit, 6 month term after a university  graduation in Turkey etc. ).

Generally issues for a term up to 1 year at a time, can be extended, but for Turkish language couses no more than total 2 years, and no extention for university graduates exept term of 6 month. Can be canceled if foreigner lives out of country longer than 120 days per year.

  1. Family Residence permit (for foreign spouse,  own children or minor children of foreign spouse, etc. of Turkish citizens, native Turks by birth, Residence permit foreign holders, refugees and subsidiary protection beneficiaries).

There are some requerements to main applicant about income, housing and health situation etc. This type of Residence permit can be canceled if foreigner lives out of Turkey longer than 120 days in one year.

  1. Student Residence permit ( for foreigners who wil attend an associate, undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate programs in f higher education institution in Turkey).

This type of Residence permit doesn’t give right for parents or other family members to obtain Residence permit.

  1. Long-term Residence permit ( for foreigners who have continuously resided in Turkey for min. last 8 years on a Residence permit or meet other requirements of Migration policies. Refugees, conditional refugees, persons under temporary protection  etc. have no right to obtain for Long-term residence permit.

Long-term Residence permit holders have right for benefits same as Turkish citizen except rights for military service, vote and be elected, enter public service, exemption from customs duties while import car.

  1. Humanitarian Residence permit ( can be granted to foreigners if leaving Turkey can be dangerous or unacceptable for them, who are under International protection etc. )

              6. Residence permit  for victims of human trafficking (for a time period up to 30 days and can be renewed for 6 months periods for some reasons of safety, health etc. but not longer than 3 year in total.


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