This project was created by the foreigner started her life at the modern megalopolis with the traditional Turkish culture’s scent, Istanbul. Most of foreigners in Turkey have to deal with various new emotions, impressions, problems and moments to go through. We bet lots of foreigners who start their life in Turkey, Turkish culture, will agree with us.

Entry to the crazy Istanbul life, or relaxing resort areas life, can be only by trying and making mistakes. May be you will have to deal with so girlish problems as how to find a good hairdresser or where to go for shopping without knowledge of city or Turkish language, or how to obtain necessary documents for foreigner and how to find a good doctor.

There can be a long list of situations which may be you would never face in your own country, but probably have to face nearly everyday living in Turkey. That’s why the main idea of this project is to share our own experience, information we already know, so may be it can be useful for you, our dear Visitor 🙂


Best wishes,   your stayTURKISH guys 🙂