Important changes in online randevu system (and already existing randevu dates) all around Turkey

new online randevu system all around Turkey

new online randevu system all around Turkey

This information based on official website of  Goç idaresi Genel müdürlüğü ( according to their info it starts on may 18, 2015)

For the first application or changes of types for Residence permits (ikamet) – especially I would advice to pay attention to parts marked red color, as this is some new points hadnt been used before.


For applications the new method was developed, so called ” centralized online randevu system” for all turkish provinces ( before they used online randevu system only for Istanbul). Here is an official page: E-RANDEVU, Goç idaresi Genel Müdürlüğü

This online randevu system works for Short term, Long term, Family type and student type Residence permit (ikamet) applications and changes between them.

Applications for Refugee Residence permits or for victoms of human trafficking still have to be made directly at Migration offices.

 Terms and dates for randevu 

Every kind of application or transfers between ikamet types have to be made before visa or ikamet expire date.

All fields should be filled in carefully, data should match your official documents and info.

After online application form system will generate a new form for you where you can see your randevu date, time, referance number and list of required documents. Untill your randevu date you are legally staying in country, but you can not use this form for leaving/ coming to Turkey.

During online application process one of the nesseccary points is uploading your electronic photo. 

You have to be present at Migration office you chose at your appointment date and time, otherwise your randevu will be canceled.

You can not cancel or change data at your randevu application.

If all your paperwork is OK your new ikamet starting date will be the expire date of your visa or previous ikamet.


List of exact required documents depends on your ikamet type you want to apply for.

Migration office has right to ask extra data or documents from you

Your passport should be valid at least 60 days longer than your required ikamet term

You must be present personally at your randevu, if you have any representative, he should have official provement of it

You can pay your fees for ikamet at the offices controlled by Ministry of Finance ( Maliye Bakanlığı), or at banks which have legal permit for that type of transactions. You will have 2 separate payments: for exactly Ikamet card and for your paperwork, also dont forget to ask receipt in 2 copies each.

Your photo must be biometric, not older than 6 month, with open face and white background 

 IF your passport doesnt include info in latin letters you have to make notarized translation 

For a foreign child should be avaliable Birth sertificate

While application for children and teens under 18 , if both parents are out of Turkey, legal representative should be present at randevu date


While randevu at Migration office, if officer says that you need to bring some extra documents or you dont have all nesseccary ones, you have period of 30 days to bring it there

If you could not bring that required documents during 30 days, your ikamet application counts as canceled.

In a case if they call you to come to Migration office, you have to come, If you feruse to do that and  they have suspitions that you broke the Law, they can bring you by force.


To be able to get all updates about your application process you must have working cell phone and e-mail address. 

Please, check your e-mails regarding to ikamet application, but be aware that Migration office sends you emails only from addresses with “” – all other emails are fake and can be fraud.

All list of addresses of Migration offices in each province you can find here: Migration offices’ address list by province

online randevu application form

online randevu application form

You will get new randevu date and you should bring printed variant of your previous randevu beside you at the appointment date! 

Other legal issues:

– if you could not take ikamet, you will be treated again as a person who stays by visa or previous ikamet till expire dates

– you are responsible for providing real data

– if they can find out that you cheated or used fake documents , according to the law, your ikamet application will be canceled, or if your ikamet already issued – it will be stopped and you will be deported.

All info is from official website : Goç İdaresi Genel Müdürlüğü


14 thoughts on “Important changes in online randevu system (and already existing randevu dates) all around Turkey

  1. alkan

    System did not accept my extension application with the reason (İkamet İzni uzatma başvurunuzun alınabilmesi için, mevcut ikamet izninin bitiş tarihine en erken 60 gün kala en geç bitiş tarihinde başvurabilirsiniz.[104])

    My ikamet starts on 21/6/2014 till and 21/6/2105. Date of issue is 21/9/2014
    According to my ikamet dates i’m already in the last 60 day period.

    Any idea?

    • stayturkish Post author

      thank you for your comment! As ıt says both at official website and article as translation of official page, new randevu system starts on May 18 only. For now it seems like its still not working properly for 100%, so you should wait till May 18 and try again your application. I can not promise if it will work or not, but lots of foreigners now hope that system will work properly ASAP. Lots of foreigners faced with similar problem like you had, I think because Migration office didnt launch yet their system and now it is kind of testing mode. I will follow the situation and for sure will share every detail. It is all new for all of us 🙂

      • alkan

        Do you know if it is working for anyone? Today i got this message “Girmiş olduğunuz bilgilerle eşleşen, uzatılabilecek herhangi bir ikamet izni kaydı bulunamamıştır. Bilgilerinizi kontrol ederek tekrar deneyiniz.” How come??


        • stayturkish Post author

          Ive read from some social network groups that people were trying to apply for randevu same as you do and system showed mistakes also, also few people were talking about info from police that they r trying to fix system and it will work nearest time. I hope it will work really soon because lots of poeple now having problems with applications

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  4. Theresa May-O'Brien

    I can’t seem to get past the first page will not accept my ikamet number as it has a / symbol in it..very frustrated with the system as usual

    • stayturkish Post author

      you can try to use without that symbol, just numbers. Are you trying to apply for extension?

  5. Yvonne

    I submitted my first time application and I was asked to pay 55 TL but I dont know where to pay them?

    “The residence permit document cost you should pay is
    55.00 TL. Do not forget to bring the fee receipt at the
    appointment date along with the other required

    And another thing is I applied before my 90 days tourist visa expired , just the appoıntment was so late , hence it is over the 90 days now. Will İ have a problem when I travel outside the country one day after my appoıntment at the migration office? I read I can stay outside of Turkey now for 15 days..

    • stayturkish Post author

      you can pay 55 TL at vergi dairesi
      After your appointment and second payment you will be provided with some document so you can travel out of turkey – but not before appointment if ur visa expired

      • Yvonne

        Alright thank you for the information.

        So İ will get a document that I can go out from Turkey up to 15 days when I already applied for ikamet.

        The 55 TL I have to pay at vergi dairesi . Okay. But I wasnt ask to pay any other fee? Does ıt depend on my passport (german) or on the duratıon of my stay (just tıll 31.08.2015)

        Thank you for your help!

        • stayturkish Post author

          You wıll go to apply for ıkamet at the date of appoıntment you are reservıng onlıne. So officer will calculate for you how much is the second payment and after randevu you will pay it and bring them payment slip and only after then they will issue a paper for you – permit for travel out of turkey for 15 days

  6. eugene

    hi can ipersonally apply randevu on the on the office for randevu application before my.working visa expires?

    • stayturkish Post author

      if you apply for work permit – this is different organization issues it, not migration office.


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