Documents for marriage with Turkish citizen in Turkey

Documents for marriage with Turkish

Documents for marriage with Turkish

One of the hard points for foreigner in Turkey is collecting necessary documents for marriage with Turkish citizen. Here we will try to explain for you main important details about this process. But you should be aware that every district has own Civil status Registration office (Evlendirme Dairesi) and their requirements for foreigners can vary little bit. So after you learn general information it would be reasonable to ask personally exactly at your district office or check their official website.

So, first of all, we would advice you to start collection all your papers in advance (at least few month). For sure it is possible to make all ready in a week but it can cost more money, efforts and stress. You better try to collect all necessary papers while you are in your country.

Now, before we start to talk about documents, lets take a short look to the law, what can be an obstacle for marriage in Turkey:

  1. It is forbidden to get married between close relatives, children etc.
  2. Women ,if they had previous marriage, are allowed to get married only in 300 days after their official divorce, become widowed or any other official court’s decision.  In a case, if earlier than 300 days a child was born or person took a permission from the court,  this 300 day term will be canceled.
  3. In a case of previous spouse’s disappearance, you can get married in Turkey only after court decision about previous marriage terminating.
  4. It is forbidden to get married in Turkey if there is no medical examination results. In a case of psychological disorders there should be also conclusion from doctor.

Important: most of the Civil status Registration office (Evlendirme Dairesi) reject to except documents for marriage registration if foreigner spouse’s visa or visa exemption period has expired or there is no valid Residence  permit and foreigner is illegal in Turkey. So, please, be careful about dates!

While making ready your documents don’t forget that most of the documents you will bring from your country possibly would require Apostille stamp on it (or if your country of origin is not a member of Apostille agreement, you should provide council authentication and legalization).

So, now finally lets take a look on the document list , to be married couple should make ready:

  1. From the Turkish citizen spouse to be (usually its easy to obtain):

– extraction from the local Nüfüs dairesi about family situation which shows that there is no barrier to get married (in that document they write all information if person was married before and divorced or never married etc. It includes all information)

– original and photocopy of Turkish ID card (kimlik or nüfüs cuzdanı)

– 4 up-to-date photos (some places ask 6 pieces. Photo must be fresh, with open face and not older than 6 months)

– if future spouse is younger than 18 there should be official permit from parents or court

– medical check-up results

  1. From the foreigner spouse to be :

– 4 up-to-date photoes (some places ask 6 pieces. Photo must be fresh, with open face and not older than 6 months)

– original and photocopy of your passport (some district Civil status Registration offices can ask also notary stamped translation to Turkish )

– if you have Residence permit (Ikamet izni) , its original and photocopy

– Birth certificate (dont forget about official legalization or Apostille) , also its official Turkish notary stamped translation (in some districts it is not required . Also if you have a change you can make few official copies of translation as later you will need to use if you will want to apply for Turkish citizenship, for example)

– notary stamped Marriage permit (it shows that at the time of application you are not married (or divorced) and have no restrictions to get married)

– if you were married before , some places can ask your Divorce official certificates

– medical check-up results

Now lets see in details some points:

  1. Birth sertificate for foreigner  this document is required not at all Civilstatus Registration offices (Evlendirme Dairesi) so firstly, find out exactly at yours. It should be Apostille stamped or legalized (if your country is not a member of Apostille agreement).

Note even if you shouldn’t provide Birth certificate while marriage applying process, it can be useful for you to make your Birth certificate with Apostille ready for other situations where it can be used in Turkey. After this document is ready, you should make it translated into Turkish by registered translator or translation offices and stamp by Turkish notary office.

  1. Marriage permit – is a document which shows that foreigner is currently not married (single, divorced, widowed etc.) and has no restrictions to get married. It should include foreigner’s full name, last name, date of birth, marital status, and sentence about No restricion for getting married.

Usually this document foreigner should obtain from own country’s local Civil status Registration offices , make it Apostille stamped (or legalized if country is not a member of Apostille agreement) . After than foreigner should check his/her country’s Council in Turkey (website or personal contact): some of the countries’ councils in Turkey should issue a special form of document about foreigner’s marital status, but for some countries its enough just to bring a paper from own country.

After this document is ready, you should make it translated into Turkish by registered translator or translation offices and stamp by Turkish notary office (the easiest way is to make it in Turkey, not in your country).

  1. Medical check-up results 

This part is neseccary for both in couple to-be-married and doesnt matter if are foreigner or local ones if marriage will be registered in Turkey. It includes chest Xray, blood tests for AIDs, gepatit B, C, syphilis, and few more infection tests. To be able to pass that tests firstly you should go with your Turkish spouse-to-be to his adress registered district’s family doctor (phisician, in turkish Aile hekimi) or to the district Family health center (Aile sağlık ocağı) .  Also most of the Civil status Registration offices (Evlendirme Dairesi) have their separate website or page at the website of the local municipality (belediye), so you can easily find more detailed information there (unfortunately only in Turkish).

Important: this type of medical check-up is free of charge or costs little money at hte medical centers or public hospitals by your family doctor’s referral. Also you should be aware that medical examination results should be delivered to your Family doctor and doctor will make an official paper with your data, photo, his sign and stamp which you will bring to the Civil status Registration offices (Evlendirme Dairesi).  So, dont try to pass tests by yourself before visit your Family doctor at your district if you want to save money on blood works and x-rays.

To be able to make blood tests and Xrays both of couple should bring few passport size photo and passport (or Turkish ID, Kimlik).

If you dont know your Family doctor you can find it at the governmental website   – but search engine at that site can find your Family doctor only if  one of you has ID number (kimlik number) which should be written down.

And we repeat again – after your blood test and X-ray results will be ready you should bring it to your Family doctor to obtain an official health report from him , with your information, photo and his sign and stamp. In a case if you could not find your family doctor you can ask about it at the nearest public hospital or Family health centers (aile ocagi).

When all your documents are ready , finally you can apply for marriage registration. Usually you should do that at the same district where your future Turkish spouse-to-be is registered or you, as a foreigner- Residence permit holder. In a case if you want to make marriage registration at the other district or city, still you should go first to your district Civil status Registration offices (Evlendirme Dairesi) and ask all necessary details there.

While application both of yoube present. Please, pay attention, that while application the officer can ask a foreigner few questions, also can ask to say parents names and own phone number in Turkish. They do it according to the rule, that if foreigner is getting married he/she should understand all the happening events and make it not under the pressure or fraud. If your Turkish knowledge is poor or absent , officer has right to ask you to bring an registered translator/ interpreter to the  wedding ceremony (but sometimes its enough just translation from your firend or broom/bride).

After application process is finished you will be asked to pay some registration fees. Prices depend on place, time and date. Usually all fee rates you can easily find online at the Civil status Registration offices (Evlendirme Dairesi) websites or ask personally.

You have few variants to register your marriage: at the special wedding halls provided by Civil status Registration offices (Evlendirme Dairesi) (sometimes they even have few different sizes ones) or marriage at your place you choose out of Civil status Registration office. For sure price will depend on it too much. Exactly Marriage certificate book costs around 77 TL, its already included to the fees. At Istanbul marriage registration prices vary from 77 TL (usual sign without any ceremony) and up to 700-1000 TL (if you make your wedding ceremony out). Prices vary on district, city and place. Usually Istanbul is one of the most expensive ones. Also, sometimes you can be asked to provide transportation or pay for transportation for the office who will register your wedding.

After your official wedding ceremony being foreigner in Turkey, you should apply for Family residence permit, how to obtain it, you an read at our website:  Family type Residence permit for married with Turkish citizen.

We wish you happiness and lots of love in your new married life! And would be happy if you will share with us your experience about your marriage in Turkey in comments. Thank you!


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