Electronic randevu system. Notification from Istanbul Migration office

News from Istanbul migration office about new randevu system

As I told before, we will keep you updated about information related with  the new changes in electronic randevu system in Turkey. Today  finally Istanbul Migration office (Yabancilar subesi at Vatan caddesi) posted update information about new randevu system, the same one as I’ve already written for you in other article: 


here is the printscreen of that notification, which you can see, if you try to take randevu at Istanbul Yabancilar subesi website:

randevu system changes notification

randevu system changes notification

Here is the free translation of that :

 According to the Law on foreigners and internation protection (no. 6458) all paperwork for foreigners had to perform local district and province migration offices at police departments untill will be ready new Migration administration general management.  According to the statement of Mnistry of internal affairs of Turkey, from may 18, 2015, Monday, all process and paperwork on foreigners will perform new Migration administrations.

By that statement, all paperwork for foreigners in Istanbul will be performed at the Istanbul province Migration administration at  Vatan Caddesi No:64 Fatih (Eski İl Özel İdaresi Binası).

After may 18, 2015, special e-ikamet online randevu system project will start its service.

According to it, all first applications, transfers and  extension paperwork for Long term, short term, family type and student residence permits (ikamet izni) will happen electronicaly.

E-ikamet system will be provided in few languages soon. Extensions will be proceeded without personal presence of foreigner at Migration administration (by post), and first type applications and transfers will require foreigners to be present at Migration administration office according to randevu date and time.

You can reach all details about e-ikamet at the website:  www.goc.gov.tr 

(!) 18.05.2015 and before this date,  if you made any randevu appointments, it should be renewed at the new system. 

 You will be able to renew your existing randevu during the application process. 


2 thoughts on “Electronic randevu system. Notification from Istanbul Migration office

  1. Nikki

    Any knows where to go in Fatih Istanbul to find out the status of an application? It’s been over 2 months now and we’ve heard nothing?

    Many thanks


    • stayturkish Post author

      You may go directly to Vatan migration office, ask at Info desk which room you should go to find out and you will ask there. Only official migration office can provide this kind of info


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