Family type Residence permit (ikamet) for married with Turkish citizen

Family type Residence permit in Turkey

Family type Residence permit in Turkey

Foreigners married with Turkish citizens should apply for Family type Residence permit (Ikamet tezkeresi, Ikamet izni) if they plan to live in Turkey after marriage. So, lets look, what should be done to obtain that Residence permit?

Please, notice, that Family type of ikamet can be granted only for the term of 1 or 2 years (depends on your insurance term or passport expire dates). 

Firstly, lets take a look on  the new Law of Foreigners and International protection  and International protection.  According to it (article 35), Turkish citizen spouse (as a Permanent residence sponsor or main applicant) has to fit the following requirements:

– monthly income should be not less than the minimum salary rate with the 1/3 part (or more) of the minimum salary rate for each family member (for time period 1.07.2014 – 31.12.2014 – minimum salary rate is: 1.124 TL – taxes and insurance payments = 891,04 TL; and for each family member should be not less than 891,04/3=297,01 TL ),

– live in a place according to the general health and safety requirements, with the address  registered at the local authorities (nüfüs dairesi),

– has health insurance for each family member ,

– was not convicted in family violence for a last 5 years and has criminal record certificate (adli sicil kaydı).

IMPORTANT NOTE: first application for residence permits after january 1, 2015 suppose to be at Turkish consulate in your country of citizenship or residence, BUT still that system is not working so still you can apply for your Family type ikamet in Turkey. When it will be any changes – we will let you know about it for sure!!

Now lets take a look on list of  documents you will need to provide at the day of your appointment ( from the official website of Migration office of Turkey ):

 – Application form for Residence Permit  ( Ikamet Beyanname Formu, can be downloaded during the online application directly from official website),

– 4 passport size photo (other cities and police districts says 5 – 6 passport size photos),

  –  Passport (original),

 – passport’s photocopy (pages with photo, last entrance date to Turkey and page which shows passport’s expire date),

– 2 passport size photo of Turkish citizen,

 – Turkish citizen’s ID card (kimlik) original and photocopy (be aware that before appointment Turkish citizen should change at Nüfüs dairesi his/her ID marrital status from Single to Married),

 if you have already Residence permit for other reasons than marriage , also its original and photocopy of all pages with information,

 income statement of the Turkish citizen spouse (can be taken at accountant ) or in a case of unemployment bank statement for amount calculated according to minimal salary rates explained above , for 1 year),

-some of the areas can ask to show few bills (fatura) for water or electricity to prove the address, real estate documents or rent contract notary stamped, also can be asked original and copy of marriage certificate ( if marriage was registered out of Turkey, marriage certificate should have apostil, notary stamped Turkish translation and their copy), also paper from the local Registration office (Vukuatlı Nüfüs Kayıt Örneği). But those docs are not in the official list so dont bother yourself to bring it untill police worker will ask you for it additionally.

 – general health insurance : you can read here: How to apply for private health insurance plan in Turkey  and here: Social security insurance (SGK sigorta) in Turkey

 – police report in the name of your Turkish citizen spouse (is easy to obtain it online and print out from e-devlet by buying password at the nearest post office PTT for 4 TL or can be taken free at the court palace  – for Istanbul – Asian side Court palace at Kartal, for European side – Çağlayan).

After that, here is description of your actions step by step

  1.  Residence  permit appointment obtaining (Ikamet izni) should be done online before visa expire date, or if there is no visa required – not later than 90 days after entering the country. If you already have Residence permit by other reason than marriage, you should also apply before its expire date. In every situation your new Residence permit date will be officially started from the date of the appointment obtaining online or personally (or from the expire date of previous Residence permit), and you will stay legally in Turkey till your appointment date even if your visa or 90 days term was finished.


The residence type you will apply for is Aile İkamet izni – T.C. vatandaşı eşi yanında.

Then you will need to make online application as a first step of application: How to use new online randevu system: step-by-step tutorial

   At the appointment date both Turkish citizen and his/her spouse should be present at the migration office. You will need to bring color printed and signed application form (the one you did online, you can find details by link above) + required documents and their copies + money to pay fees.  in a case if some of the documents are absent, they give 15 – 30 days to obtain and bring it. Be careful about your Turkish address you are filling in, because they will send your card according to that address and you can take it only personally.

Dont forget to ask double copy of two payment slips at cashier while paying. 

If everything is ok and all required document provided, all payments made,your Family type Residence permit card will be sent by post office (PTT) for your home address, and foreigner should take it from courier personally. usually it takes time 2 weeks or more, as they say up to 3 month, but if you wait too long, according to the advices of some foreigners passed that procedure, it can be reasonable to go personally to police office and ask about the current situation of the Residence permit card, because sometimes Immigration offices make mistakes in writing address, post courier can not find address, or no one was at home etc. and they send Residence permit card back to police immigration office.

   Family type Residence permit (ikamet) can be issued only on the same last name as it says in foreigner’s passport.


Women usually take husband’s last name, after marriage they change their country of citizenship’s passport for the  new last name and only after than they can take Family type Residence permit with the new last name. Before that they can take Residence permit based on the existing passport with madden name. Following the issuance of Family type Residence permit in Turkey , police authorities have right for inspections (to prevent fake marriage ).


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    • stayturkish Post author

      if you have suspicions that ikamet may be arrived, you may ask at your district ptt first.

  3. Syed


    I have recently applied below, is it correct form and appointment. my wife is Turkish.


    Declaration for Short Term Residence Permit Application Form

    :İkamet Türü

    Type of Residence – Aile

    Now this documents has to be send through PTT i assume.

  4. Veronica

    Good day, I filled the form and got randevu. At last page the system wants just 55 tl for ikamet izni belgisi. Is there any other payment to be done? I guess that the problem is that I wrote that before I had turkish visa, but it was touristic visa 4 years ago. That’s why there is no other payment mentioned, is it so?

    Russian citizenship / married with turkish citizen / first application for ikamet

    Will be appreciated to hear from you.
    Thanks in advance.

    • stayturkish Post author

      Hello, you will need to pay 55 tl before randevu – and the second payment amount you will get at your randevu time from officer of goc idaresi and then you will make your second payment. Unfortunatelly 2 payments at the time are possible only while ikamet extension, not the first application.

  5. bloemie

    good morning, I have a question. I am considering marrying and living in Turkey with my partner. He now has sufficient income and a contract but what if he is jobless for some time and we have to renew the permit? I have plenty of savings here which we could put on a bank account together, enough to last us like almost 3 years without any income. If you go to renew your permit and show them you have sufficient income for 2 years, is that enough to have it renewed? And would any income of mine also count, or is it just the income of my husband?

    • stayturkish Post author

      hello, yes it suppose to be enough to show your bank statement at turkish bank as ur income provement, and it can be yours or your husband – as is more convenient for you

  6. Fresh

    Good afternoon,
    I’m married to a Turkish who is a student and currently not working. I’m renewing my ikamet like a first time applicant because I changed my passport, last year police requested for a bank statement of 7,000₺ But to my surprise today at GOÇ office belikduzu they are requesting for 20,820₺ The lady said monthly minimum wage after tax and insurance is 867.50₺ So for me and my wife is 1,735₺ Which make up 20,820₺ For 12months. I explained to her and even showed her the link on GOÇ website but she insisted on 20,820₺
    Please advice on what to do?

  7. Samaira

    Merhaba! I just recently got my family type residence permit.. My friend is asking me if I can do sponsor/invite for her to apply for a tourist or student visa. Can I really do sponsors even if I’m just a housewife of a Turkish national?
    Thank you.

    • stayturkish Post author

      you can not make sponsorship for student visa – this visa is only for students and sponsorship via educational institutions. You may invite your friend as visitor visa

  8. Deen

    I am married to a Turkish citizen with a child. I was told I would need to return back to my country and reapply for a new visa because presently I have an expired resident (blue card)
    Are there any other options for me ? I was informed I will need to wait several months in my home country before being issued another re entry visa.

    • stayturkish Post author

      for spouses there should be some other way just with penalties, but I am not working at migration offce and can not give comments on that. My best advice is for you to visit migration office personally and ask about option without leaving country


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