14 thoughts on “How to open a bank account in Turkey

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  5. yifski

    Could you tell me the address of the bank office where you opened your bank account?

    We’ve tried branches of TEB, iş bankası, yapıkredi and garanti bankası in Ümraniye/Istanbul with no luck..

    • stayturkish Post author

      I guess I answered you in Fcebook page. Also I have idea, may be you can try banks in Kadikoy as that area is more familiar with foreigners

      • stayturkish Post author

        all banks can open that accounts, but the problem is some of their branches dont know how or just dont wanna deal with it as it requires some not so standart paperwork for foreigner, who is not turkish citizen. You can just try different branches, and I would advice to try districts more central where foreigners live or touristic ones where banks more familiar with procedures about foreigners . I hope it helps . ..

  6. A. Jaber

    I have a question here,

    I bought a house in tukey from (emlakçe ofis). the cost of the house was 150, 000 TL . I paid 40,000 during the contract sign. and the rest of amount agreed to be pain in the Notary office when receiving my tapu and keys.

    Now, 70 days passed and I still waiting the security approval. the emlakce says you need to wait more. I’m afraid this man is not honest and he is does some fraudulent things. because I don’t speak Turkish and don’t know if there is a website online that I can follow up the status of my tapu process.

    Please advice.


    • stayturkish Post author

      hello! As general, there is really this kind of security check up for new home owners who are not turkish citizens. And this permission sometimes takes few months to get. So if your real estate agent is reliable one, I would say he is not making tricks . This permission will be granted from military. Unfortunatelly there is no such a website where you can track your process, the only way is to push your real estate guys to call there and find out the latest situation of your process.

  7. Nico

    Hello, i have the same problem as the guys above: no bank in kadikoy allows me to open a bank account without the ikamet. Do you have a specific bank AND area where i could get the account?


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