How to rent a home in Turkey for your Residence permit application

How to rent a home in Turkey for foreigner

How to rent a home in Turkey for foreigner

Foreigners who wish to apply for Turkish Residence permit (ikamet) have to provide their official place of living in Turkey for the all term of required Residence permit (ikamet), which means  rent a home for that term is required. How to find and choose a rental apartment? How to make ready a rental agreement in the way required by Migration office ?

First, lets take a look to new Law on Foreigners and International protection (from April 2014). According to it, foreigner should prove his residence in Turkey by providing official Turkish address – it can be any type of rental homes, apartments, villas , etc. , also it can be residing with Turkish citizen who will provide affidavit of support, or hotel reservation for all term. Here we will tell about home rentals in the name of foreigner.

  1. You have already decided about city or town, and its districts. In a case if you dont have enough proficient knowledge about place, you can search advices from Google or social networks where local inhabitants usually are members and ready to give few advices.  Also you should pay attention that some areas like Antalya or Bodrum etc (tourist zones)  get used to foreigners more than some other places inside of country or even some certain districts in huge megalopolis Istanbul. For Istanbul, as for us, most comfortable areas for foreigners are central parts of European side – Beyoglu, Besiktas, Sisli, of Asian side – Kadikoy, Atasehir, Uskudar. Places far from center, European side – partly Fatih, Bakirkoy, Beylikduzu, Sarier, Asian side – Maltepe, Pendik, partly Unraniye etc. Here are only samples of districts, you can also choose according to your friends’ advices or forums, considering distance till airport, metro stations, bus stops, metrobus stops, consulate  etc. Also you should be aware that rental price depends on lots of factors.
  2. Exactly for home search you can use local real estate agencies or by yourself online at real estate websites as ,, sometimes can be good deals at craiglist (for Istanbul Another source of home rentals proposals can be social networks and groups as sometimes home owners post there their adds or even other foreigners are looking for flat mates.

Little tip: if you are lady, it can be not safety to share home with Turkish guys even it is common practice in Europe or USA, you should be extra careful.

  1. While choosing proper home, you should pay attention on building age, windows type, heating system as winter time you may be “surprised’ by high heating or gas bills (if it is comby heating system – means you have small gas burning center and you can choose temperature level at every room separately, if you have central heating – means there is heating center in basement and whole building apartments share gas bills according to the square meters). In a case if you drive a car, you should pay attention to the parking area as some old buildings has no own parking area.
  2. In a case if you will be lucky to rent a home directly from home owner, you will safe good money. Real estate agent’s fee is 1 month rental amount or sometimes they calculate as 12% from yearly rental price. But in a same time be aware that some home owners are not clear people and will try to make extra money on you. Best way to negotiate about rentals is your Turkish speaking local friend beside you.

. 5.  Now lets move to the legal part of the rentals – rental agreement (kira sözleşmesi). Standard rental agreement form you can find at every stationery (kirtasiye). Home owner (or real estate agent) usually have it by themselves and they will fill it in as well with their and yours information, rental term, rental price, deposit,  warrantor etc.

Standard rental agreement is for 1 year and usually they want deposit and Turkish local warrantor. After 1 year if you want to extend it, you will need to make same steps again as a legal paperwork.

  1. Don’t be surprised if you will find out that some of the home owners don’t want to give their apartment for rent  to foreigner.
  2. You can propose home owner to pay in one time for half or full year and ask a discount.
  3. Pay attention on apartment’s conditions while renting – if it is painted and fixed some things – it should be written in rental contract so when you will move out you will need to paint it as well. If it was not painted or renewed – also it should written in contract so you can fix by yourself and when you will move out you ll not need to do extra.
  4. In a case if few foreigners want to rent same apartment – it is possible – just should be separate rental contracts for each of them.
  5. So you signed up rental agreement, what should be your next step? You will need to notarize it. So how is it happening?

While notarizing contract, they will ask you to pay tax according to your situation: standard tax is 0,189% from yearly rental price. If you have deposite – you will pay extra 0,948% from yearly rental price, and if you have warrantor – one more 0,948%. It means if you will have all of that conditions, you may be asked to pay 0,198%+0,948%+0,948%=2,085% tax.

           Example: lets say your rent is 1000 TL per month. So yearly rent is 12.000 TL. Rental agreement includes deposit and warrantor, so while we make it notarized, we will pay tax: (12.000TL*2,085%)/100= 250TL. This tax + notary service fee will make us pay around 300 – 400TL (depends on notary).  But, if our contract doesn’t include deposit and warrantor, we will pay (12.000TL*0,189)/100=22 TL. Sometimes people ask home owner not to include deposit and warrantor into agreement notarized-to-be but be aware that it is not legal.

In a case if you will want to make notarized few contract copies – you will pay tax for every copy.

It is easy to find Turkish notary office in Google or ask someone, you can use anyone you like. You should go there preferable with home owner and your documents.

  1. After notary procedure, you should register yourself at address system at local nüfus dairesi personally by passport and rental agreement, and after then ask a paper from them about your address registration, you will bring it together will rental contract at your interview date to Migration office.

Congratulation! You’ve finished this step successfully!

If you want to share your own experience of renting home in Turkey, questions or advices, you are always welcome to leave your comment below. Thank you 🙂


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  4. Javid Azimi

    Thanks for very neat information you have prepared here. I found them very useful…
    As a matter of fact my father has got an apartment in his last trip on turkey. He has a Tapu in his name and he don’t want to get the residence permit as he can stay for 90 days without visa and that’s enough for him. We want to prepare fictitious rental contract between my father (owner) and me (tenant). By this method I think I can apply for residence permit!!! In Kira Sözleşması non of us has T.C Kimlik No and İkamatgah Adresi ( Can we write our home address in our country? ). What problems we may face with in Notary or in Nufus idarasi or even in randevu?
    My main goal is to stay in turkey for five years and don’t be outside for more than 6 months and get the turkey passport (citizenship). Is it possible or I must possess immovable property there?!?

    • stayturkish Post author

      So according to your goal, and citizenship laws you have few ways: 1. Get married with turkish citizen 2. Work 5 years by work permit 3. Own property and stay 5 years as property owner. 4. Be investor but it is kind of big money or some special talanted sportsman, scientist etc.

      So, rental agreement will make you only Touristic purpose ikamet which will not lead you to citizenship rights. You should become that property co-owner – your name will be in tapu, and apply for ikamet as a property owner. After 5 years for citizenship they will still want from you some extra knowledge. More detailed info about citizenship you may ask at nufus office

      • Javid Azimi

        Thanks in Advance for the Response.
        Could u please refer me to the law no and Article number for staying in turkey by owning a property for 5 years (after 5 years the foreigner can get the citizenship)?

        What are the differences between long-term residence permit and the citizenship?

        As I know, In the new law: 6458 in the article 44 (Rights conferred by a long-term residence permit), long-term residence permit is being like a turkish citizen with these exceptions:
        a) compulsory military service;
        b) the right of vote and be elected;
        c) entering public service;
        ç) exemption from customs duties when importing vehicles.

        And we know, for obtaining the long-term residence permit a foreigner must reside 8 years in turkey uninterruptedly.

        But in the link below,Turk_Vatandasliginin_Sonradan_Kazanilmasi.html
        the condition for obtaining turkey citizenship is to reside in turkey at least 5 years! (As you said)

        Başvuru için aranan şartlar
        Türk vatandaşlığını kazanmak isteyen yabancılarda;
        a) Kendi millî kanununa, vatansız ise Türk kanunlarına göre ergin ve ayırt etme gücüne sahip olmak,
        b) Başvuru tarihinden geriye doğru Türkiye’de kesintisiz beş yıl ikamet etmek,
        c) Türkiye’de yerleşmeye karar verdiğini davranışları ile teyit etmek,
        ç) Genel sağlık bakımından tehlike teşkil eden bir hastalığı bulunmamak,
        d) İyi ahlak sahibi olmak,
        e) Yeteri kadar Türkçe konuşabilmek,
        f) Türkiye’de kendisinin ve bakmakla yükümlü olduğu kimselerin geçimini sağlayacak gelire veya mesleğe sahip olmak,
        g) Millî güvenlik ve kamu düzeni bakımından engel teşkil edecek bir hali bulunmamak,
        şartları aranır.

        Is there anything that I’ve misunderstood?

        • stayturkish Post author

          so the link you sent is about getting the citizenship. Some people dont want to get citizenship by their own reasons, some people dont want to quit from their own citizenship to be able to get turkish one etc. Thats why they get long term ikamet after 8 years or residence. By that long term ikamet you still are foreigner there and you have no right to work by that ikamet and if you will want to work – you will have to find an employer who will be able to make an work permit for you as a foreigner. At the same time if you are citizen – so you have rights as citizen. Im not a lawyer so I have no right to give detailed consulting to you, I would advice you to find a lawyer for your serious questions and decisions.

  5. Y.k

    Hello , i have a question ‘ after all those u said if i rent house & pay , will migration office ask for my bank account or not? I read some where that they want see your money in your bank account (as a supporter) ‘

    • stayturkish Post author

      yes there is a list of docs you should provide if you want to get a residence permit as a tourist, and bank statement is among them, minimum 6000$ for 1 year you should show. THere is an article on this website about touristic ikamet so you can check the main info about it, and the main source is official website


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