Family Residence permit (ikamet) for foreign child in Turkey

ikamet for child

ikamet for child

Foreign child can take Family residence permit (ikamet) based on Ikamet or Turkish citizenship of one of the parent or parent’s spouse. This rule works for minors up to 18 y.o. 

Ikamet term will be not longer than parent’s ikamet (1- 2 years).

 This is the list of requirements for parent: 

– monthly family income should not be lower than minimum wages calculated for every dependant family member

–  provide good quality of housing according to the sanitary and safery rules

– not to be involved in family crime during last 5 years

List of required documents: short description 

1. Ikamet application form, printed out in colors (you will get it during online application process, read about it down here) 

2. Existing passport of child and its copy (or any other official travel document for child)

3. 4 biometric photos made during last 6 months

4. Birth sertificate of the child  with Apostyle on it, and translated into Turkish

5. Permit from other parent for applying for residence permit (if other parent of the child is not together with child)

6. Documents from parent or parent’s spouse as “ikamet sponsor”:  

 – if Turkish citizen – kimlik, if not – passport (original and copy)

–  if not a Turkish citizen – valid Ikamet (residence permit or work permit), original and copy

– paper from parent’s spouse that he/she is agree with ikamet application for child (notary stamped) 

– info about income ( document from work about salary rates, or bank  statement from Turkish bank. Here you can read : How to open an account in Turkish bank )

– info about parent’s health insurance or parent’s spouse insurance covering all family members (usually child can be added to it for free) 

– police record paper ( can be obtained at Turkish court house, Adliye sarayi or online at e-devlet)

– provement of address ( rental contract (notary stamped), or paper from Nüfüs dairesi about registration at certain address)

The process of application for Family ikamet (Residence permit) for child 

New randevu system started its work after May 18, 2015. Here you can read in details how you can use it for ikamet application: 

How to use new randevu system: step-by-step tutorial


Pay attention to this part in your online application: 

ikamet for child, form

ikamet for child, form

ikamet for child, form 2

ikamet for child, form 2

If your child already has Ikamet and you need to extend it, please read here: 

How to renew ikamet in new online system: step-by-step tutorial


After application, your child’s ikamet card will be delived by post courier (PTT) within 2-4 weeks usually, but waiting period can be up to 90 days.

We hope all was done easy and you didnt face any serious problems while application process for your child’s Family residence permit (ikamet) in Turkey.



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