General information about Student ikamet (residence permit) in Turkey

student ikamet information

student ikamet information

1. Visa issue

– If your country of citizenship has no agreement with Turkey about non-visa travels, you can obtain a visa for the term up to 90 days.

– in every situation, if you dont apply for residence permit, the rule 90/180 days applies on you

– if your country and Turkey has agreement about non-visa travels, you can stay in Turkey during that term without any additional visas,

– if your study term is longer than 90 days, you need to apply for Residence permit (ikamet)

2. For foreign workers in Education :

You need to be granted with Work permit from YÖK ( Yükseköğretim Kurulu) to be able to work in education, 

– YÖK has right to obtain all nesseccary information about foreigner from Göç idaresi

– YÖK will issue work permit (ikamet) card for you,

– This work permit card is your Residence permit (ikamet) at the same time

If you are a teacher/ professor invited to educational institution on the temporary base: 

–  those who are participants of the exchange programs as Mevlana, Erasmus and others with the Teaching purpose, must apply for Short term Residence permit (ikamet)  ( Türkiye Cumhuriyetinin taraf olduğu anlaşmalar ya da öğrenci değişim programları çerçevesinde eğitim veya benzeri amaçlarla gelecek olan yabancılar)

– to be able to apply for this type of ikamet , you will need to obtain an official paper from YÖK about your exchange program and bring it to Migration office at the date of your appointment (randevu)

– Göç idaresi will issue a Residence permit card for you (ikamet)

3. Student visa 

– for students who gonna apply for exactly Student type of Residence permit (ikamet) – study at middle and high school, university for bachelor, masters or Phd programs, professional internship for doctors and dantists – no need to obtain exactly student type of visa, it is possible to come with other type of visa as well or non-visa status.

– for study at Turkish language courses, being a visitor at university lessons or internships it is required to get a visa if your country has no agreement about non-visa travels.

4. Student type of Ikamet (Residence permit) 

for students of ön lisans (college) , lisans (Bachelor) , yüksek lisans (Masters) or  doktor (Phd) ikamet can be issued for the all term of education,

– for middle school pupils ikamet can be issued for the term of 1 – 2 years with the extension right 

– if education term is less than 1 year, your Ikamet will be issed for the term of education 

– parents or any other relatives have no benefits from Student ikamet to apply for own ikamet (but still can apply on regular basis if meet the requirements)

At the appointment (randevu) date: 

– you should have enrollment paper from your university (school) and your student number

– your passport should be valid at least 60 days longer than required Ikamet

– you should have provement of your turkish address

Health insurance: 

those who will apply for Student type of ikamet have right to use SGK (public health insurance). Students should apply for it during 3 months after enrollement to studying process at any SGK office and get paper about it for providing it at the randevu date to Migration authorities  Göç idaresi.

– While Ikamet renewal , also provement of health insurance is required

Those foreigners have NO right to apply for Student ikamet, but have right to apply for Short term ikamet: 

– by the agreement between Turkey and your country about student exchange programs 

– programs for teaching, internship, research and study at courses 

– for study Turkish language at any of course or school

– turkish universities’ graduates (should apply during 6 months after graduation) 

– for turkish universities’ lessons visitors without anrollement to the education process and exams 

– for teachers – interns by programs AIESEC, IAESTE

– if term of education was finished (student ikamet was issued by it) 

Main requirements for Short term residence permit (ikamet) application: 

– provide official papers about purpose of your stay and application for ikamet

– your passport should be valid at least 60 days longer than your required ikamet term

– have provement of your Turkish address

– have Police records paper from your country

– have health insurance

Short term residence permit (ikamet) can be issued: 

-for the term of 1 – 2 years,

– for those, who study Turkish at course ikamet can be issued for 1 year with 1 time extension right for 1 more year

– Turkish universities graduates should apply during first 6 months after graduation for the term up to 1 year ( can search for a work during this time)

Additional knowledge 

students who enrolled to university, and were send by university to Turkish language course, can apply for Student ikamet

– if foreigner already has Family ikamet, Work permit or refugee status ikamet, there is no need in application for Student ikamet

For participants of exchange programs as Mevlana and ERASMUS: 

– if with the purpose of internship – should apply for Short term ikamet 

– if with the purpose of education – should apply for Student type ikamet 

Also at your Randevu date you should: 

– have provement of your income (for the term of required ikamet)

– apply for renewal during last 60 days of your existing ikamet

– if you didnt file your renewal in time and ikamet had expired – you can be the subject of fines and penalties

– refugees under international protection have right to get education without application for Student ikamet

Right to work for students: 

students who have Student ikamet have right to obtain for Work permit (employer applies for it) 

– for students of  Ön lisans (college) and  lisans (bachelor) this right to be granted with Work permit by employer application, starts only after 1 year of education and work hours should not exseed 24 hours her week

– application for Work permit should be done through Ministry of Labor and Social Security of Turkey  (Çalışma ve Sosyal Güvenlik Bakanlığı)

Source: Göç idare müdürlüğü



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