Social security insurance ( SGK sigorta) in Turkey

Social security insurance (sgk) in Turkey

Social security insurance (sgk) in Turkey

The most popular and common used insurance in Turkey is social security insurance (or SGK). This insurance is under control of  one of the governmental departments, not private ( official website of SGK).

Before only Turkish citizens, foreigners by marriage or work  could benefit from it, but now its possible to apply for SGK for everyone, even those who wanna apply for Residence permit for tourism.  This insurance provides free of charge medical service at public hospitals and provides some % of discount at private hospitals. But discount rates depend on hospitals and their agreements with SGK. The very big benefit of this type of insurance is the ability for people with serious sicknesses which require expencive surgeries or long lasting expencive medications etc. to use it as long as they pay premiums evey month. While private insurances have right to increase their premiums for that category of people and put limited payments.  So, how to obtain it:

1. There are 2 types of SGK:  SSK and Bağkur – first one is for employees and everyone who fit the requirements, and second one – for business owners only.

2. Price and obtaining: 

– for foreigners by work permit: files and should be paid by employer

– for excahnge (Erasmus) students: files by univercity and free for students

– for spouses and minor children (under 18) of Turkish citizens or work permit holders\business owners who has already SGK plan and pays monthly without any debts: can be added and use it for no extra charge

– for everyone who wish to use SGK, for example for Residence permit application as well: should be obtained personally at any SGK office and premiums will be calculated as % from salary but not less than double minimum monthly salary rates. Means premioums will be not less than 213 TL for calculation on 2015.

– for business owners: calculation depends on income, but in general is around 300 – 400 TL per month as premiums.

3. How to use SGK for Residence permit (ikamet) application : 

You can use this insurance only after you got your residence permit (ikamet) card so what should you do if you need to use it for your Residence permit application?

You should go to any SGK office, and apply for SGK, they will give a paper for you that you will be covered by SGK after your Ikamet issued.  If you use your spouse’s SGK insurance – your spouse should go to SGK office and obtain there an official paper where it says that he/she is covered and there is no debts + sign on it that Foreigner spouse (name and last name) has right to use benefits from this insurance after Residence permit (ikamet) issued. Sign and wet stamp.

4. You’ve got your Residence permit (ikamet) card – now you need to activate your SGK – bring the copy and original of your ikamet to SGK office for that.

After activation, your SGK is valid for the same term as your Ikamet is, to be able to use it at hospitals you should provide your Yabanci kimlik numarasi (its written on your Ikamet card) to the reception desk.


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  5. Anna

    Thank you very much for the advice. Could you please tell me what is AGK office? “You should go to any AGK office, and apply for SGK, they will give a paper for you that you will be covered by SGK after your Ikamet issued”. Thank you very much for your help. Anna

    • stayturkish Post author

      Hello! I guess I made a little mistake while writing the post, it is suppose to be SGK office, not AGK. Sorry about it …

      • Anna

        Uffff. I am happy to hear about it. SGK office is already difficult to deal with 😉 Thank you for your help.

          • Anna

            Hi, thank you for your advice. We were told about the private insurance, but it is an expensive option. We were also told that another option is to find a job (by my spouse) and then I will be able to use his insurance. The problem is .. that when we called SGK they told us that the insurance will be “available” for me after receiving the residence. Each of the offices (SGK and Immigration office in Nevsehir says opposite things). I emailed Ankara main office, but haven’t heard from them. Can you advice what I should do? Thank you very much. Regards, Anna

          • stayturkish Post author

            as I understood you are married with turkish citizen? You can use your husband’s sgk if he has it by himself (mostly from work). By the law wife has right to use same insurance ssk as husband. As you are a foreigner – your husband goes to SGK office and takes print out with stamp and sign about his SGK – that he has it on his name, and then SGK worker writes directly onto that paper that foreign spouse (full name) has right to use benefits from husband’s insurance after get residence permit. Stamp and sign. This paper you bring to migration office as a proof of your insurance. Later after you get your ikamet, you go again to sgk and show them your ikamet so they activate your insurance.
            But if your husband doesnt have sgk also, it may be cheaper just to get private one.

          • Anna

            Yes, I have been married to Turkish citizen since 11 years. We lived in London and recently moved to Turkey. I am applying for the family residence (first time). Thank you very much for your advice, much appreciated. Yes, my husband has insurance. We will go to the SGK office as soon as possible and will try to get this letter. Thank you once again for your help.

          • Anna


            Today my husband went to one of the SGK offices (Avanos / Nevsehir). Unfortunately he wasn’t able to get the print out and a statement from the worker. We were refused. The worker simply said he won’t do it.

            We were told we need to buy private insurance which must cover inpatient and outpatient treatment (ayakta ve yatarak tedavi). Is it true? My husband went to Hallbank and it costs about 100 tl per year. Is it possible? Is it the end of our problems?


          • stayturkish Post author

            hello, I have no idea why SGK worker refused your claim, this is out of law, accually. And lots of foreign spouses use husband’s SGK insurance, I am one of them. As for private insurance, there is not only requirement about type, but also amount of coverage – you can find article Private insurance here in menu Documents.

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