Registration of your foreign phone in Turkey

How to register your foreign phone in Turkey

How to register your foreign phone in Turkey

While moving to Turkey for sure you want to be always able to call by phone, but  roaming usage is not the most logical thing as is very expensive. So you need to buy turkish sim-card , which is possible to do at any cell phone providers’ official stores. Most popular providers are Turkcell, Vodafone and Avea.

So here is the next problem – you don’t want to buy new phone and prefer to use your own cell phone with local Turkish number. But if you will use it directly, your phone will be blocked as there is a Law in Turkey which says that all phones brought from abroad should be officially registered to be able to use with a Turkish number.  So here we are explaining how to make it.

  1. 1. You should register your phone while first 60days after cross the border (stamp in your passport will should the first date) . You should be aware that one person can register by his/her passport only one phone in 2 years. And It doesn’t matter either you are foreigner or Turkish citizen.
  2. You should obtain a tax number (vergi numarasi) at the local tax office (vergi dairesi) by your passport, where stamp of last entry should be clearly visible (if you already have Residence permit (ikamet) you can skip this step)
  3. You should pay fee at the tax office or any bank casa for phone registration (around 115 TL) , u should have your tax number (or ikamet , if you have) and phone with its IMEI number (you can learn that number by writing combination *#06# on your phone keyboard)
  4. You should go to the mobile provider’s customer service office (AboneKayıtMerkezleri) with your fee payment slip and ask them to register your phone (fee is around 50 – 90TL) ,same place you can buy sim card as well.

Important tips:Mobile phone bills

– if you have no Residence permit yet (ikamet) and you are still in the process of its obtaining, you can take a paper from Migration office (yabancilar subesi) that you are in the application process (otherwise for tourists by visa they can register phone only for 3 months) .

– at some districts they can ask additionally paper from Migration office or Police which says that you entered country within last 60 days.  Also some of them can ask additionally proof of your Turkish address (you can obtain it at local muhtarlik or nufus dairesi).

We are always happy to see your comments and own experience’s stories about usage of your foreign phone in Turkey . Thank you for reading us 🙂


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