Residence permit (ikamet) for real estate owners in Turkey (based on TAPU)

ikamet based on real estate ownership (tapu) in Turkey

ikamet based on real estate ownership (tapu) in Turkey

Turkey is one of popular destinations for foreigners who wish to own a real estate abroad, mostly because of beautiful Turkish beaches and seasides, perfect climate, fresh variety of veggies and fruits , and at the same time -reasonable prices for appartments and homes. Its still easy to apply for residence permit based on real estate ownership and in 5 years under some extra conditions be able to obtain even Turkish citizenship. So here is the procedure of residence permit (ikamet) application based on real estate ownership and TAPU in Turkey.

  According to the new Law on foreigners and international protection (april 2014) the procedure had been changed. If before real estate owners could apply for a long term residence, but now it is possible to obtain only short term Residence permit based on real estate TAPU (title) (( Kısa dönem ikamet izni Türkiye’de taşınmaz malı bulunan yabancılar)) up to 1 year each time with the right to renew it.

You dont need to have special visa to apply for this ikamet anymore, just come Turkey by regular tourist visa or non-visa agreement and apply for ikamet at your province Migration office. New addresses for province Migration offices since may 18,2015 

If you didnt buy yet your dream home in Turkey, its possible to obtain at Turkish consulate in your country for a visa with a purpose of home purchase.

Even if your TAPU (title) is on your name, you still can apply for residence permit for your spouse and children under 18y.o.

According to the article 32, foreigner is able to obtain  Residence permit ( Kısa dönem ikamet izni Türkiye’de taşınmaz malı bulunan yabancılar)  if can fit next requirements:

– apply for an interview at the police office before visa expired date or before 90 days term finished (for no-visa countries),

– passport should be real and valid min. 60 days more than obtain-to-be Residence permit expire date,

– person should: not cause any danger for social safety and order,  not have any restriction for entering to Turkey, not have any sickness dangerous for society, not be involved in any crime in Turkey,

– fit the standards about health and secure, and be covered by general health insurance for all Residence permit term to be,

– have enough financial source for living,

– provide police record paper from the country of foreigner’s citizenship or residence (by request),

– have real address in Turkey to stay for all term of Residence permit.

Your ikamet may be canceled if you spend out of Turkey more than 120days per year. 

 According to the official website of Migration ministry of Turkey list of required documents suppose to be:

– Application form for Residence Permit  ( Ikamet Beyanname Formu, can be downloaded during the online application directly from official website),

– 4 passport size photo, 

–  Passport (original),

– passport’s photocopy (pages with photo, last entrance date to Turkey and page which shows passport’s expire date),

– bank statement about your financial self support  (500$ per month= 6000$ per year for Istanbul, 1000$ per month or 12000$ per year for Antalya area)

Bank statement should be done by opening a bank account at one of the Turkish banks, for a foreigner’s own name. Here is the information how to open an account at Turkish bank for foreigner

 – if you have already Residence permit from before, you should provide its original and copy,

– official proof of your Turkish address for all term of obtaining Residence permit – this is your TAPU (title) and its copy

– general health insurance : you can read details here: Private health insurance in Turkey and here: Social security insurance (SGK sigorta) in Turkey

Now lets take a look to the procedure of applying for Residence permit step by step

Residence  permit appointment obtaining (Ikamet izni) should be done online  before visa expire date, or if there is no visa required – not later than 90 days after entering the country. If you already have Residence permit, you should also apply before its expire date. In every situation your new Residence permit date will be officially started from the date of the appointment obtaining online (or from the expire date of previous Residence permit), and you will stay legally in Turkey till your appointment date, even if your visa or 90 days term was finished.

The procedure of online randevu application is described here: How to use new online randevu system in Turkey: step-by-step tutorial

At the appointment date you should bring: color printed application form (how to make it read by link above) + required documents and their copies + money to pay fees. 

In a case if some of the documents are absent, they give  up to 30 days to obtain and bring it. Be careful while writing your Turkish address in forms, because they will send your card according to that address and you can take it only personally.

While paying your fees make sure they issued for you double copy of each payment slip. 

Residence permit (ikamet) card will be sent by post office (PTT) for your home address, and foreigner should receive it from courier personally. Before ikamet suppose to be delivered you will get sms on your phone from turkish post PTT with tracking number. Usually it takes time 1- 2 weeks or more, as they say up to 3 month, but if you wait too long, according to the advice of some foreigners passed that procedure, it can be reasonable to go personally to post office PTT of your district and ask if there is any letter for your name.  If there is no card, can be reasonable to ask at your migration office where you applied for card.  After you pass all the way, you will receive a Residence permit (ikamet) card for Real estate owners based on TAPU in Turkey valid up to 1 year and you can enjoy the beauty of Turkey longer.

If you want to share with us your experience, we would be happy to get your comments below. Thank you for reading us 🙂


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