Residence permit (ikamet) for study at Turkish language course

Residence permit for study turkish

Residence permit for study turkish

Foreigners who wish to immerse themselves in Turkish culture from inside, have possibilities to study Turkish language in Turkey same time practicing received knowledge with native speakers. The most popular language schools in Istanbul are Ankara university Tömer , Dilmer , İstanbul üniversitesi Dil merkezi , Marmara üniversitesi Marmara Tömer  and others. Also there are Ankara Üniversitesi Tömer courses in other Turkish cities and abroad .  Different Turkish language courses for foreigners you can also find ın google . So, for studying at Turkish language course in Turkey you have to obtain a Residence permit for study at Turkish language course if your study plan is longer than your visa or non-visa term (or more than 90 days).

  Firstly, lets take a look on the new Law on foreigners and International Protection  (was issued in 2013 and applied from April 2014). According to article 19, Foreigners who would stay in Turkey more than the duration of a visa or a visa exemption or, (in any case) longer than ninety days should obtain a Residence permit (Ikamet izni). So, by the Article 31, foreigners who want to stay in Turkey longer than their allowed time period, should apply for Short term residence permit for study at Turkish language courses (Türkçe öğrenme kurslarına katılacaklara İkamet izni), in one time that Residence permit can be granted for a term up to 1 year with the right to be extended only once. After new law applied, mostly all areas’ authorities give Residence permit for a term of 1 year with the right to be extended 1 time (max. study term is up to 2 years by this type of Residence permit). Also you should remember – if you quit from school earlier than your Residence permit expire date, they have right to cancel your Residence permit.

According to the article 32, foreigner is able to obtain Residence permit for study at Turkish language courses (Türkçe öğrenme kurslarına katılacaklara ikamet izni) if can fit next requirements:

– apply for an interview at the police office before visa expired date or before 90 days term finished (for no-visa countries),

– passport should be real and valid min. 60 days more after obtain to be Residence permit finishing date,

– person should: not cause any danger for social safety and order,  not have any restriction for entering Turkey, not have any sickness dangerous for society, not be involved in any crime in Turkey,

– fit the standards about health and secure, and be covered by general health insurance for all Residence permit term to be,

– have enough financial source for living,

– provide police record paper from the country of foreigner’s citizenship or residence (by request),

– have real address in Turkey to stay for all term of Residence permit,

– have enrollment paper from the language school.

 first application for residence permits after january 1, 2015 suppose to be at Turkish consulate in your country of citizenship or residence, BUT still that system is not working so still you can apply for your  ikamet in Turkey. When it will be any changes – we will let you know about it for sure!!

According to the online information from Migration ministry of Turkey   list of required documents suppose to be:

– Application form for Residence Permit  ( Ikamet Beyanname Formu, can be downloaded during the online application directly from official website),

– 4 passport size photo, 

–  Passport (original),

– passport’s photocopy (pages with photo, last entrance date to Turkey and page which shows passport’s expire date),

– if you have already Residence permit from before, you should provide its original and copy,

– enrollment paper from the language school (Türkçe dil kursu belgesi – Öğrenci belgesi),

– prove of your financial situation for the ikamet term (bank statement)

-prove of your turkish address

-if foreigner is under 18, official permit from parents

– general health insurance: you can read details herePrivate health insurance in Turkey and hereSocial security insurance (SGK sigorta) in Turkey


– bank statement about your financial self support  (500$per month= 6000$ per year for Istanbul, 1000$ per month or 12000$ per year for Antalya area) or paper from exchange office that you’ve bought same amount of money in dollars from them

Here is information about how to open a bank account in Turkey

– official proof of your Turkish address for all term of obtaining Residence permit:

If you rent a home, it should be notary stamped Rental agreement and sometimes in Police they ask also DASK sigorta – this is insurance for an apartment in a case of earthquake; here is the information about how to rent an apartment for ikamet application

If you will live in hotel, for all time period of your Residence permit it should be reservation paper from it;

If you stay with Turkish citizen, it should be  notary stamped undertaking document, that he/she is responsible for you (turkish “taahütname”,notary stamped paper costs around 50 TL)

      Now lets look to the procedure of applying for Residence permit step by step:

Residence  permit (Ikamet izni)  appointment obtaining should be done online  before visa expire date, or if there is no visa required – not later than 90 days after entering the country. If you already have Residence permit by other reason, you should also apply before its expire date. In every situation your new Residence permit date will be officially started from the date of the appointment obtaining online or personally (or from the expire date of previous Residence permit), and you will stay legally in Turkey till your appointment date even if your visa or 90 days term was finished.


You will apply for Short term Residence permit (Kısa dönem ikamet izinleri) – stay wıth the purpose of studying at Turkish language course (Türkçe öğrenme kurslarına katılacaklar).

Here is detailed tutorial how can you apply online for randevu: How to use online randevu system: step-by-step tutorial

At the appointment date:  you should bring your printed out colored form (your online randevu application pages) + all required documents and their copies + money to pay fees.  In a case if some of the documents are absent, they give up to 30 days to obtain and bring it. Read carefully your Turkish address you are filling in, because they will send your card according to that address and you can take it only personally. After migration officer took your documents he will give you an official paper about it.

Dont forget: you should ask double payment slips both for application fee and ikamet card fees.

You Residence permit card (ikamet) will be sent by post office (PTT) for your home address, and foreigner should take it from courier personally. usually it takes time 1- 2 weeks or more, as they say up to 3 month, but if you wait too long, according to the advice of some foreigners passed that procedure, it can be reasonable to go personally to post office PTT of your district and ask if there is any letter for your name, which can be lost, if there is no your card, can be reasonable to ask more information in your migration office where you applied for card, because sometimes Immigration offices make mistakes in writing address, post courier can not find address, or no one was at home etc. and they send Residence permit card back to police immigration office. We wish you obtain your Residence permit for study at Turkish language course easily and enjoy your study process, it will be lots of fun for sure! We would be happy if you will share your experience with us 🙂



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