Residence permit (ikamet) for tourists in Turkey

Residence permit for tourism in Turkey

Residence permit for tourism in Turkey

Turkey is the famous destination for tourists from all over the world. Mostly tourists are coming for Turkish beautiful beach zones with wonderful climate and nature, or for historical, cultural, shopping places where most famous is Istanbul. Some people like Turkey too much and wish to stay here longer than their visa or term of stay (no-visa countries). There are thousands of different reasons why foreigners want to stay in Turkey longer, so our purpose now is to explain better  the legal ways to stay in Turkey being tourist by obtaining the Residence permit for tourism (ikamet).

Firstly, lets take a look on the new Law on foreigners and International Protection (  was issued in 2013 and applied from April 2014). According to article 19, Foreigners who would stay in Turkey more than the duration of a visa or a visa exemption or, (in any case) longer than ninety days should obtain a Residence permit (Ikamet izni).

So, by the Article 31, foreigners who want to stay in Turkey longer than their allowed time period, should apply for Short term residence permit for tourism purpose (Turizm amaçlı kısa dönem İkamet izni), in one time that Residence permit (ikamet) can be granted for a term up to 1 year with the right to be extended. Term depends on your insurance expire dates or passport expire dates.

According to the article 32, foreigner is able to obtain  Residence permit for tourism purpose (Turizm amaçlı İkamet izni) if can fit next requirements:

– apply for an interview at the police office before visa expired date or before 90 days term finished (for no-visa countries),

– passport should be real and valid min. 60 days more than obtain-to-be Residence permit expire date,

– person should: not cause any danger for social safety and order,  not have any restriction for entering to Turkey, not have any sickness dangerous for society, not be involved in any crime in Turkey,

– fit the standards about health and secure, and be covered by general health insurance for all Residence permit term to be,

– have enough financial source for living,

– provide police record paper from the country of foreigner’s citizenship or residence (by request),

– have real address in Turkey to stay for all term of Residence permit.

 first application for residence permits after january 1, 2015 suppose to be at Turkish consulate in your country of citizenship or residence, BUT still that system is not working so still you can apply for your touristic type ikamet in Turkey. When it will be any changes – we will let you know about it for sure!!

       According to the official website of Migration ministry of Turkey list of required documents suppose to be:

– Application form for Residence Permit  ( Ikamet Beyanname Formu, can be downloaded during the online application directly from official website),

– 4 passport size photo, 

–  Passport (original),

– passport’s photocopy (pages with photo, last entrance date to Turkey and page which shows passport’s expire date),

– bank statement about your financial self support  (500$ per month= 6000$ per year for Istanbul, 1000$ per month or 12000$ per year for Antalya area)

Bank statement should be done by opening a bank account at one of the Turkish banks, for a foreigner’s own name. Here is the information how to open an account at Turkish bank for foreigner

 – if you have already Residence permit from before, you should provide its original and copy,

– official proof of your Turkish address for all term of obtaining Residence permit:

If you rent a home, you should provide notary stamped Rental agreement and sometimes  they ask also DASK sigorta – this is insurance for an apartment in a case of earthquake (you can ask it from your landlord). Here is information how to rent a home for Residence permit application ;

If you will live at hotel, for all time period of your Residence permit you should show reservation paper from it;

If you stay with Turkish citizen, you should show notary stamped undertaking document, that he/she is responsible for you (Turkish “taahütname”,notary stamped paper costs around 50 TL)

– general health insurance : you can read details here: Private health insurance in Turkey and here: Social security insurance (SGK sigorta) in Turkey


Now lets take a look to the procedure of applying for Residence permit step by step:

Residence  permit appointment obtaining (Ikamet izni) should be done online before visa expire date, or if there is no visa required – not later than 90 days after entering the country. If you already have Residence permit, you should also apply before its expire date. In every situation your new Residence permit date will be officially started from the date of the appointment obtaining online or personally (or from the expire date of previous Residence permit), and you will stay legally in Turkey till your appointment date, even if your visa or 90 days term was finished.


You will apply for  Short term Residence permit (Kısa dönem ikamet izinleri) – stay with the purpose of tourism (Turizm amaçlı kalacaklar).

The first step in application is online randevu date, you can read here: How to obtain a randevu online: step-by-step tutorial . This is the rule for all provinces in Turkey.

 Dont forget to print out your ikamet online application form in color

At the appointment date: you will bring your ikamet application form (printed from online application) + required documents and their copies + money to pay fees.. They don’t ask usually any kind of crazy questions In a case if some of the documents are absent, they give  up to 30 days to obtain and bring it. Be careful while writing your Turkish address in forms, because they will send your card according to that address and you can take it only personally. Also provide only valid email and phone number.

While making your 2 fees payments dont forget to ask double copy of each payment slips. 


Residence permit (ikamet) card will be sent by post office (PTT) for your home address, and foreigner should receive it from courier personally. usually it takes time 1- 2 weeks or more, as they say up to 3 month, but if you wait too long, according to the advice of some foreigners passed that procedure, it can be reasonable to go personally to post office PTT of your district and ask if there is any letter for your name, which can be lost, if there is no your card, can be reasonable to ask more information in your migration office where you applied for card, because sometimes Immigration offices make mistakes in writing address, post courier can not find address, or no one was at home etc. and they send Residence permit card back to police immigration office. After you pass all the way, you will receive a Residence permit (ikamet) card for tourism purpose valid up to 1 year and you can enjoy the beauty of Turkey longer. If you want to share with us your experience, we would be happy to get your comments below. Thank you for reading us 🙂


20 thoughts on “Residence permit (ikamet) for tourists in Turkey

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    • stayturkish Post author

      if it is family one – there is chance you will just pay penalty and they can accept your docs for renewal – but Im not sure about it. If it is not family one – most probably they will ask you to go out of turkey and come back to be able to apply for ikamet randevu – and it will not be renewal – it will be as a first application . For official consultation I would advice to ask at Goc idaresi

  3. Ibrahim

    My student ikamet is expiring this month and i have applied for a new short term residence but through first time application because i have graduated from school. My appointment date is in december so i want to know, can i leave Turkey between now and december before my application date??. If yes, what is the procedure involved??
    Thank you in advance.

    • stayturkish Post author

      hello, unfortunatelly they dont give that option to leave and come back while you are waiting for your randevu if your existing ikamet expired. But, after your randevu when they accepted all docs you will have right to leave country for up to 15 days by special document they are providing as a temporary evidence of ikamet renewal status. So if you need to go out if Turkey I would advice you to do that and come back before your existing ikamet expired

  4. jeff

    I want to marry a Turkish citizen unfortunately I couldn’t make my residence permit due to some reasons.what can i do to marry?i need help

    • stayturkish Post author

      You can come to Turkey by regular touristic visa – or no-visa if your country has agreement for non-visa travels with Turkey and during your visa (or non-visa term) you can apply with your fiance at evlendirme dairesi and get married before visa (non-visa term) expired.

  5. Ibrahim

    I recently graduated from university so I have applied for short term residence permit for graduate students. In the same time, I have started working in a company that pays me monthly salary. So when going for my appointment can I provide a written letter from the company: stating that, presently am working with them using my residence permit and they are my source of income? They are planning on applying work permit for me once my residence permit is accepted.

    • stayturkish Post author

      I may not gıve you 100% answer as situation you described is little bit tricky – from one way by laws it is forbidden to work and get any salary until work permit is issued – it can be penalty not only for you but also for employer, from other hand I guess this is the only way you get income. This short term ikamet for graduate students according to the law is for 6 month only – not for 1 year – so you will need to show 3000$, not 6000. As a variant, you can just show your bank statement with money coming but Im not sure if they will ask the source of income or not. As a alternative, you may borrow money for bank statement and then give it back almost same day.

      • Ibrahim

        Thank you for the answer. The application I did for graduate ikamet its 1 year , so do i need 3000USD or 6000? you also said that I can borrow the money even for a day, it wont be a problem? am asking because I want to be sure about everything because the ikamet people are difficult to understand.

        • stayturkish Post author

          as you apply for 1 year – so you need at least 6000 $. As for money issues – it is normal if people put money onto account and then take it back and prefer to keep as cash. I told you one of the way you may try to do but i can not promise that all will be 100% great and smooth. This website target is only providing with information, but we dont have any connections with official offices so we can not give any guarantees.

  6. Aline

    Does the money (6000$) on my Turkish bank account need to be in dollar, meaning that I would need to transform the account into a dollar account, or can it be in Turkish Lira (ca. 17500 TL)?
    Thanks a lot!

  7. Oruasi

    Hello!! Regarding the borrowing money for the day suggestion. Do you know of a place or someone that lends money with a certain commission of course. I’ve heard that people use to get a receipt at an exchange house. Does that still work or do you know of another alternative?

    Thanks a lot!!

    • stayturkish Post author

      I have no idea about people or places who provide that kind of stuff , and it is illegal according to the law

  8. Yomi David

    Please, I’d like to apply for resident permit as a tourist in Istanbul but I live in Kocaeli. Is it possible?

    • stayturkish Post author

      you can apply only at the same city or town where you officially registered at address and live there

  9. hh

    i applied for tourist residency so is there any website that i can use to check the ikamet if it is ready to receive?
    thanks in advance

    • stayturkish Post author

      no, there is no website for that yet, may be in future they will make one (I sincerely hope so) . When it is ready you will get a sms with tracking number – it means your ikamet is issued and was sent for delivery by PTT so u can track on PTT online where is your package


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