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Thank you for your interest in our website (later, stayTURKISH ) ,

by using our website, you agree to the Terms and Conditions below (Agreement). If ever in conflict , stayTURKISH Terms will take precedence over other Agreement terms. Please, read the Agreement carefully. As used in the Agreement, ” visitor” or “you” means the individual or entity (agency, network and other individuals or entities acting on their behalf) which visit stayTURKISH website for any purpose (reading, searching, learning, asking a question, asking advice or any other activities within website) , “stayTURKISH” or “Us” means website and all which belongs to its copyright.

1 Acceptance stayTURKISH Terms and Conditions

You will not use any information provided by stayTURKISH for any unlawful or prohibited by Laws of Turkish Republic and by stayTURKISH Terms and Conditions. By visiting and using Our website you are fully accepting the Terms and Conditions. If you are not accepting any of Our Terms and Conditions, you must immediatelly leave our website and stop using it ever in future.

2 Access to Our services

Your use of Our online services is totally your responsibility. stayTURKISH is not responsable for any actions, situations, cases or any other problems (personal or legal) of Visitors . We have the right to limit or refuse Your access to Our services in any time. By using Our online services you submitt that You are an individual or Representative of any entity or third party,  who is at least 18 years old and You are totally responsible for Your actions.

By enrolling to Newsletter as one of the online Services of stayTURKISH, You permit stayTURKISH to send Newsletter emails and notifications to your email provided while Registration, and you accept Your full responsibility for Your all problems or cases (personal or legal)  while using online services of stayTURKISH.

You may use our online Services only as permitted by this Agreement and any applicable Laws. StayTURKISH is not responsible for your misunderstanding or any illegal actions caused by Your misunderstanding at all times.

3. Changes to Our Serivce, changes to Our Agreement

We have right to change or stop Our Services at any time, to change, update or modify Our Agreement, which we will post accordingly, without Your prior nitification. Changes or Modifications of Our Agreement, and your continued usage and attendance of Our website following any changes shall be deemed to be Your acceptance of such change.

4. Services of stayTURKISH for Visitors

stayTURKSH is NOT an official legal advice from a lawyer,  any official representative of Migration offices of Turkish Republic, or any registered law office. WE STRONGLY ADVICE our Visitors to obtain legal service from a lawer, practicing in Turkey officialy,  or any other responsible official at every time.  StayTURKISH advices at all pages, articles and comments are generalised information to help foreigners (not citizens of Turkish Republic) to understand the main structure and processing related with Foreigners and Tourists in Turkey. Our information is based on official websites, published materials as books written by Turkish lawers, and on Laws of Turkish republic. Some of Our information may include personal experience and advices which are not legal and can not be understood and used as legal at any time. All information based on official sources, publications and laws, includes a link and/or name of source but non of it is official legal source of information, Any official information you can obtain from official governmental websites, offices and organizations, also from practicing attorneys in Turkey at all times. .

Information at stayTURKISH website is not a legal instrument to be appealed to while any legal processes and can not be used by Visitors as a refferal source while any legal processing or hearing.

Information at stayTURKISH website provided in a form of personal blog and stayTURKISH has no relations with any legal or official representatives. Therefore, stayTURKISH may advice where Visitor may find additional information, anwer Visitor’s questions or additional servises, but stayTURKISH is not responsible for the actiions of the third parties at all time.

stayTURKISH has right to refuse questions from Visitors at any time.

stayTURKISH is totally free service and should not be used by any individual or entity in the purpose of earning money or taking payments. stayTURKISH is not responsible for the actions of such individuals or entities.

stayTURKISH may include links to third party websites which are controlled and maintained by others. Any link to other websites is not an endorsement of such websites and you acknowledge and agree that stayTURKISH is not resposible for the content of availability of any of those sites.

5 Copyright

All copyright, trademark, name and all other intellectual property rights in the stayTURKISH website and its content (including template design) are owned or licensed to stayTURKISH or otherwise used by stayTURKISH as permitted by Law.

By accessing the stayTURKISH website you agree that you will use all information provided for non – commercial purpose and for non – profit activities. . Non of content may be copied, stored, transmitted, reproduced, downloaded,  sold or distributed without the prior written permission of the copyright holder. This excludes the downloading, copying or printing of pages for personal, non – commercial use only.

You agree to hold stayTURKISH and Copyright owners from and agaist all liabilities, legal fees, damages, losses, costs, responsibilities and other expences caused by You and Your misunderstanding of this Terms and Conditions or any other liabilities appearing out of your usage and understanding of stayTURKISH website information.

6. Privacy

stayTURKISH never collects personal or public information about its Visitors at all time. Any personal or public information provided by Visitors in their Comments may be used by any Visitor who read it, as Comments at stayTURKISH website are open for public access at all time. Information, provided by Visitors while subscribing for Newsletter , will never be the subject of public access unless there is a court desicion provided, and never be transferred or sold to third parties.  By writing a Comment at stayTURKISH website pages, You submitting the open access to it by any other Visitor and taking full responsibility for information You provided in it.

7. Laws

this Terms and Conditions are made according to the law and any activities of Visitors are only under thair own responcibilities at all times and never the responcibility of stayTURKISH.


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